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Fabio Bernasconi was born in 1980 in Sorengo, in the Swiss Canton of Ticino.


He grew up in Fescoggia, a small village in Alto Malcantone, a region renowned for its history of talented plasterers and stucco workers who have left their mark on various locations across Europe and worldwide.

Alto Malcantone started to inspire Fabio Bernasconi during his teenage years, bringing him gradually closer to the world of art. His family was also an important factor: the history, travel, literature and music he grew up with, and particularly the dialogue and values that surrounded him, had a profound influence on his personal development.


In 1999 he undertook a long journey through India, where he received his first sculpture lessons in the workshops and quarries of Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan.

Having returned to Switzerland, in 2002 he graduated from the CSIA (Centro Scolastico per le Industrie Artistiche - Educational Centre for the Art Industry) in Lugano. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara (Italy), and at the same time took a sculpture course in Arzo (Switzerland).


He then moved to Colonnata, near Carrara, home of the famous white marble, where he met the sculptor Veraldo Del Sarto, who was a key figure in his artistic and personal development.

Thanks to Del Sarto he was given a job in the Gemelli Lorenzini studio as an apprentice, where he received intensive training in both the technical and creative aspects of the trade.

He also worked as an assistant to the Costa Rican sculptor Jorge Jimenez Deredia, a partnership that would continue for about three years.


In 2011 he attended the Salon d'Automne in Paris, and was awarded the prestigious "Edouard-Marcel Sandoz prize", given by the Taylor Foundation for his work entitled 'Interstellar Overdrive'.


In 2013 he opened an art studio in Ticino called 'La Romantica', but he continues to return to Carrara to visit studios and friends.


In 2014 he began to devote himself to the design , where the stone remains protagonist unconditional .

In 2019, assigned the monumental art competition organized by "Ponte Magico", he won the first prize with the work "Passaggi di tempo", in Lavena-Ponte Tresa (Italy).



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