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"His work shows a flair for approaching form with a language in which the vocabulary is intentionally stripped down to the bare essentials.
This must not be misconstrued as using form ascribable exclusively to its primary expression, or in other words pure geometric form.
For this reason, and due to the artist's approach to the material, the works in question do not fall under the simplistic definition of Minimal Art, or at least not in the historical meaning of the term.
Pronounced, solid and perfect lines.
Symmetrical and sensual volumes with shiny surfaces, where the marble is worked to the utmost degree, so that it becomes light and turns into something sublime, pure and celestial, without losing its exquisite characteristics.
These are works that delve into history, mythology, literature and aesthetics, and into the dilemmas and mysteries that have always accompanied humankind.
The sculptures explore emotions, interacting with the material and thus giving life to intriguing compositions soaked in magic. The aim is to entertain, amaze and arouse the curiosity of spectators, inviting them to indulge in moments of introspective reflection.
Beauty is contemplation and food for the soul, quiet is meditation, and reflection is an awareness of ourselves and the world: in an era as dark and frenetic as ours, these are critically important."


Marco Bertozzi


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